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Welcome to the HorseJumps4U website.These portable cross-country fences include log walls, kennels, cottages, tiger traps, hay racks, corners, pheasant feeders and many more, which are all great training aids for schooling at home. 

All of our cross country horse jumps are quality hand made we do not use nails in our jumps only screws
all edges are sanded all the timber is treated

Please call for discounts on Deliverys if you purchase more than 3 x country fences
Cross Country -" Arrowhead"Cross Country -" Arrowhead"
"Cross Country - Chair""Cross Country - Chair"
"Cross Country - Cottage""Cross Country - Cottage"
"Cross Country - Hay Rack""Cross Country - Hay Rack"
Cross Country - X railsCross Country - X rails
Cross Country - Set Of 2Cross Country - Set Of 2
"Brush fence""Brush fence"
"Brush wedge""Brush wedge"
"Cross Country - 1/2 Log Roll""Cross Country - 1/2 Log Roll"
"Double Wedge""Double Wedge"
"Hay Wagon""Hay Wagon"
"Horse shoe2"Horse shoe2
"Hurdle Fence"Hurdle Fence
"Palisade Standing Filler""Palisade Standing Filler"
"Phesant Feeder""Phesant Feeder"
"SEt of Three Cross country jumps""SEt of Three Cross country jumps"
"Coracle x country fence""Coracle x country fence"
"Brush fence cases""Brush fence cases"
Brush fence cases these cases start at 2ft in height x 8ft in length and can be made to your requirements made with treated timber
2ft brush fence2ft brush fence
Budget  hay rack x country fenceBudget hay rack x country fence
Chicken runChicken run
Cross Country - "Sloping Brush Fence"Cross Country - "Sloping Brush Fence"
Cross Country - PillarsCross Country - Pillars
Head stock jumpHead stock jump
new hedge jumpnew hedge jump
New Wedge tripple Brush box fenceNew Wedge tripple Brush box fence
one peice brush wedgeone peice brush wedge
Picnic tablePicnic table
Set of "4 cross country fences"Set of "4 cross country fences"
Set of 10 cross country jumps from 1 ft 6" to 2 ft 9"Set of 10 cross country jumps from 1 ft 6" to 2 ft 9"
Set of 3 x country jumpsSet of 3 x country jumps
set of 5 x country jumpsset of 5 x country jumps
set of 6set of 6
sharks teethsharks teeth
sloping brush fencesloping brush fence
Sloping Brush wedgeSloping Brush wedge
Straight WallStraight Wall
Tiger trap

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